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Uniform Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions

This page is broken down into the following sections:

  1. Application Process
  2. Certificate Of Results Testing
  3. Recruitment Stages
  4. Basic Conditions of Appointment
  5. Postings/Locations
  6. Training
  7. Experienced Officer Program
  8. Other Questions

1. Application Process

Question: How do I find information about registering and applying?

The recruitment page of the OPP website at www.opp.ca (find out more) provides the required application documents and instructions to follow when applying for the position of OPP Constable.

It is important that you use the application to sell yourself and provide important information to Uniform Recruitment for your application to be properly assessed. Make sure that you include information such as skills and experiences that are relevant to the position of Police Constable. These skills and experiences could include but are not limited to such things as other languages spoken, volunteer experience, experiences in the field of policing (i.e. auxiliary policing, student placements at detachments, etc…) as well as leadership opportunities and examples of commitment to continuous learning.

Question: What happens when I apply for an OPP Constable Position?

Once the application is successful to proceed to the interview stage, candidates will be personally contacted to confirm an interview date. The most competitive candidates will advance from the interview to the background investigation portion of the process and will also be required to undergo a psychological test and medical examination. A Final Review Board will examine each candidate that has successfully completed each stage and will determine if the candidate will advance to the eligibility pool. The most competitive candidates in this eligibility pool will be considered for offers of employment. The process is based on achievements and those candidates who have obtained the most achievements are generally the most successful.

Question: Can I apply if any of my C.O.R. components have expired?

In order to apply, you must have a valid C.O.R. If any of the components have expired, it is your responsibility to ensure they are updated accordingly. If you need to re-qualify in one or more of the components, you will need to contact Applicant Testing Services (ATS) or call 1-800-429-7728.


I have applied to another police agency. Will this hurt my chances with the OPP?

Answer: We understand that you may have applied to different services and no, this will not hurt your chances with the OPP. However, should you get hired by another police service, please notify our office ASAP in writing so that we can close your file.

2. Certificate of Results Testing

Question: How do I find information about registering and applying?

The recruitment page of the OPP website at www.opp.ca describes the steps to obtain your Certificate of Results (C.O.R.) and the OPP Application Process.

uestion: What is a Certificate of Results (C.O.R.)?

The C.O.R. is a certificate that a candidate receives upon successful completion of several tests and is a requirement in order to apply to the OPP. There are several sample test questions on the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (find out more).

Question: How can I obtain the Certificate of Results (C.O.R.)?

Candidates wishing to obtain their C.O.R. will be referred to Applicant Testing Services (ATS).

Question: What are the minimum vision and hearing requirements for the C.O.R.?

The minimum standards can be located on the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website (Find out more) under the Constable Selection System.

Question: How can I practice the PREP test?
Answer: Most community colleges offering the Law and Security Administration/ Police Foundations Program will have staff that are trained to administer the PREP. For a fee, they will take you through the test and offer advice on how to improve.

Question: How can I find out more about the PATI and/or the other tests required to obtain a C.O.R.?

You can go to the Constable Selection System hyperlink on The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (Find out more). They will have information and a pre-test guide that can be used to assist you with the testing components.

Question: Can I apply to the OPP if any of my tests have expired on C.O.R.?
Answer: It is the responsibility of each candidate to ensure their C.O.R. remains valid at all times in the application process. If any component expires, it is the candidates' responsibility to re-qualify and ensure their C.O.R. is valid. Applicants will only be interviewed if their C.O.R. is valid.

3. Recruitment Stages

Question: What type of interview does the OPP conduct?

The OPP conducts a Local Focus Interview. During this interview, candidates will be asked questions in order to assess their achievements, credentials and motivation for the position of OPP Constable. This is a critical step in the recruitment process and candidates need to present themselves at their very best. You will be provided with a list of required documents to bring with you to the interview. The recruiter understands the importance of this step and will encourage you to relax so that you do not experience undue stress. The most competitive candidates at the interview stage will advance to the next phase, the background investigation stage.

Question: Does this interview have any effect on my applications to other services?

The OPP interview has no effect on the hiring processes of other police services. The OPP does not conduct an Essential Competency Interview (ECI), so there is no waiting period for other applications that a candidate may have with other police services. The only waiting period that applies when a candidate is unsuccessful at the OPP interview is the one year wait before being eligible to re-apply to the OPP.

Question: I was unsuccessful at the ECI with another service. Can I still apply to the OPP?

If a candidate has not been successful at the ECI with another police service, they are not required to wait 3 months before applying to the OPP.

Question: Can I call OPP Recruitment about my interview results?

Due to the high volume of applicants, each applicant will receive correspondence advising them of the results of their interview regardless of whether the results are positive or negative.

Question: What happens if I am not successful at the OPP interview?

Candidates who are not successful at the interview should reflect upon their level of competitiveness through a self-assessment (see Self-Assessment Questionnaire (P.D.F. format)). Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and each candidate should take the steps to improve where they feel they are not competitive. Candidates in this position are eligible to re-apply to the OPP in one year, but should only do so when they feel that they are at their competitive best.

Question: How often does the OPP hire?

We are hiring continuously. The OPP hires to fill three recruit classes each year - January, April, and September.

Question: How long does it take to go through the entire process?

Once a candidate obtains the C.O.R., the application/hiring process can take approximately from 6 - 8 months. Candidates are assessed individually and on their own merit.

Question: Can I obtain feedback if I am unsuccessful at any stage of the recruitment process?

Due to the large number of applications that the OPP receives we are unable to provide feedback on your application. Regrettably, we can not respond to phone messages, e-mails or letters requesting feedback."

4. Basic Conditions of Employment

Question: What are the basic conditions of appointment?
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • Ontario Grade 12 or equivalency.
  • Class 'G' driver's license with:
    • No more than six (6) demerit points; and
    • Full driving privileges.
  • No criminal record for which a pardon has not been received or an absolute/conditional discharge that has not been sealed.
  • Certified in First-Aid and C.P.R. (level "C")
  • Possess a valid Certificate of Results (C.O.R.).
  • Willing to serve anywhere in Ontario.

Question: What happens if I do not have a grade 12 Diploma?

Candidates who have not received their grade 12 Diploma must obtain a General Education Diploma (GED) prior to applying. This can be obtained through a local Board of Education or Adult Learning Center. Candidates who do not have a grade 12 diploma, but have completed a college diploma program or a university degree program will be considered as having a grade 12 diploma. Candidates who have been educated outside of Canada and require an equivalency document should refer to the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada. I.C.A.S. may also be contacted toll-free at 1-800-321-6021.

Question: I am not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. May I still apply?

No. Under the provision of the Police Services Act, you must be either a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident.

Question: What are the minimum vision and hearing requirements for becoming a Constable?

The minimum standards can be located in the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Self-Assessment - Medical Requirements for Candidates document.

Question: How long do I need to wait to apply after having laser eye surgery?

Candidates will need to have their eye care professional provide the results from two post surgery eye examinations. These examinations must be at least 21 days apart.

Question: Am I eligible to apply if I am colour blind?

All candidates must be able to pass the Farnsworth D-15 eye test for colour vision. There are varying degrees of colour blindness so you need to check with your eye doctor if this is a concern (Find out more)

Question: Am I eligible to apply if I have a medical condition or disability?

The candidate is eligible to apply if they successfully complete the C.O.R. testing and meet the minimum requirements. A doctor will address any medical issues or concerns. The doctor will determine if the condition/concern impacts on the candidate's ability to perform the essential duties of a Constable. (Find out more)

Question: With so many First Aid and CPR course out there, which one should I take?
Answer: Applicants must be certified in Standard First Aid and CPR Level 'C'. For Level 'C', annual renewal is required. This is equivalent to St. John's Ambulance, Heart and Stroke Foundation or Canadian Red Cross 'Basic Rescuer' (one and two-rescuers CPR for adults, child and infant). *Note: C.P.R. is only valid for one year from date of issue (per OPP standards).

5. Postings / Locations

Question: Where will I be posted?

One of the conditions of employment with the OPP is the willingness to serve anywhere in Ontario. Candidates are given an opportunity at the interview and again at the background investigation stage to provide three preferred postings. These postings will be taken into consideration at the time an offer of employment is made. Both the needs of the organization and the needs of the candidate are considered when posting a recruit class.

Question: What is a 'duration posting'?

Some OPP detachments are identified as duration postings and require the assigned officers to complete a fixed amount of service before being eligible for transfer to another detachment if the officer chooses to do so. The duration detachments are listed on the recruitment page at www.opp.ca (Find out more: Salary and Benefits, Career Descisions:Uniform Postings).

Question: Are all recruits posted to a 'duration posting' upon being hired?

You will be provided an opportunity to list detachments that you would prefer to be posted to. Using your preferences and determining the needs of the organization, you will be matched as best as possible with your preferred postings. It is not always possible to provide a match as there are a number of variables involved with vacancies but every effort is used to meet the needs of the applicants with the needs of the organization.

Question: Do the OPP purchase the home that I purchased before I was hired?

The OPP is not responsible for the residence that was purchased prior to joining the OPP. Once you are hired and are transferred from your posted detachment, the OPP has a relocation plan that gives you the option of either selling your home yourself or going through an established plan to have the government purchase your home. This is only for homes you purchased after you have been hired and does not apply to homes you owned before becoming an OPP officer.

6. Training

Question: What is involved in new recruit training?

There is a total of 18 weeks of training for all recruits. There is one week of orientation at the Provincial Police Academy in Orillia, followed by 12 weeks of Basic Constable Training at the Ontario Police College. The recruits return to the Academy in Orillia to complete 5 more weeks of post recruit training. Upon successful completion of the training, the recruit then attends their assigned detachment to work with a coach officer. The training is challenging on both the academic and physical levels and recruits are expected to excel in both areas.

Question: Do I get paid when I am in training?

All recruits are full time employees and will receive salary and benefits while in training. The Probationary Constable Starting Salary is indicated on our website (Find out more)

Question: What is the cost to attend OPC?

Recruits are expected to pay $11,065 for their training at Ontario Police College. New recruits who are posted to a detachment that is identified as a duration location will receive a one-time payment of $2000.00 (to offset travel expense). Information regarding additional duration incentive payments for recruits who accept duration postings can be found on our website (Find out more).

Question: What happens after training?
Answer: After completing the training portion, recruits attend their assigned detachments and are placed under the supervision of a trained coach officer. During this time, monthly evaluations record and assess each recruit's progress.

7. Experienced Officer Program

Question: What is the Experienced Office Program?
Answer: Officers currently serving or having served within the past two years with other police agencies are eligible to submit their applications to OPP Career Development Bureau along with a copy of their police training and personnel file documentation (e.g. OPC accreditation). In addition to meeting the criteria essential to the position of Provincial Constable, offers of employment will be made with the understanding that candidates will be posted to specific locations throughout the province according to organizational requirements. Benefits for the candidates under the Experienced Officers Program include:
  • Assessment for Class designation rank (Constable rank only);
  • Vacation credit consistent with current Ontario Provincial Police Association Memorandum of Understanding agreement; and
  • Certificate of Results exempt.

Question: I am a police officer working in another country. Can I apply for the OPP through the Experienced Officer Program?

No. Officers applying who are employed in law enforcement outside of Canada are not eligible for this program. However, if you had been a serving officer, within the past two years, and received your OPC accreditation, you would be eligible to apply under this program.

Question: I am a police officer working in another Province. Am I eligible to apply? What would I need in order to apply?

Yes, you may apply under this program provided you are currently serving or have served within the past two years with another police agency. Depending upon your accreditation from your force/province, your training and accreditation may be reviewed to ensure it meets the standards required under the provisions of the Police Services Act. This may be done on a case by case basis. You will be required to submit your accreditation from your formal training facility as well as performance evaluations and all other required documents with your application.

Question: Are Military Police Officers eligible for this program?

Due to the required accreditation/training under the provisions of the Police Services Act, members of the Military Police are not eligible under the Experiences Officer Program and would have to submit their application through the regular Recruit process and obtain a C.O.R.. (find out more)

8. 0ther Questions

Question: Is my current pension transferable to the OPP?

For up-to-date information on whether your pension is transferable, please contact the Ontario Pension Board at 1-800-668-6203 or www.opb.on.ca

Question: Why work for the OPP?

Find out more on our website here

Question: Additional Points to Consider

You should not apply until you are ready. Submit your application ONLY when you feel you are at your competitive best.

  • For those who are new to Canada, in order to meet the conditions of appointment to the OPP, a candidate must be a Canadian citizen, a landed immigrant or a permanent resident of Canada and be legally entitled to work in this country. If you do not meet this basic condition of appointment, you may wish to visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for further information. There you will find information on immigration and working in Canada.

  • You must be a secondary school graduate from any province of Canada (Ontario Secondary School Diploma or its equivalent). Applicants educated outside Canada should refer to the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada. I.C.A.S. may also be contacted toll-free at 1-800-321-6021.

  • The nature of the OPP Constable position requires that you possess a valid motor vehicle driver's license with full driving privileges and that your driving record shows a past respect for the laws you would be enforcing as a Constable. An OPP Constable's duties require substantial driving ability. It is to your advantage to gain more experience before submitting your application. Having a driving history that indicates care and prudence is to your benefit. Do not submit your application until your driving demerit point accumulation is six (6) or less. Ontario applicants may determine their current demerit point accumulation by submitting a minimal fee to the Ministry of Transportation. To learn more about obtaining driving records, please visit the Ministry of Transportation: Drivers and Vehicles: Driver Licensing section of their website.

  • You must obtain a record suspension (pardon) if you have been convicted of a criminal offence. Documentary proof of record suspensions (pardons) may be required for applicants advancing to the final selection phase. Information concerning record suspensions (pardons) is available from any office of the National Parole Board in Canada. You may also call toll-free 1-800-874-2652.

The OPP serves the entire province. We will be pleased to discuss where you prefer to be posted. However, you may be placed anywhere at any time in your career as required by the OPP. Submit your application ONLY AFTER having given careful and positive consideration to placement possibilities.

Although the OPP solicits applicants with multiple language abilities including official languages, pre-applicant upgrading or training will be necessary for those not fully fluent in oral and written English language skills.