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Civilian Employment

CivilianFor those who are interested in working for one of the largest deployed police services in North America, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) commits to creating and sustaining a positive working environment in which all employees have equal opportunity to fulfill their potential within their profession.

Civilian positions in the OPP are advertised as either "open" or "restricted".

If a position is advertised as "open", any qualified person may apply, including the public. Positions that are open to the public are advertised in the Ontario Government publications "Topical" and "Job Mart" which can be accessed at Human Resources Development Canada (Canada Employment Centres), Provincial Government human resources offices, or any OPP Detachment/office.

Information regarding all civilian government jobs that are open to the public is also listed on the Internet site: www.gojobs.gov.on.ca  Positions that are open to the public may also be advertised in local newspapers.

If a position is advertised as "restricted", applicants must be:

  • classified civil servants,
  • unclassified (contract) staff, including seasonal employees working in the Ontario Public Service (O.P.S.) during the posting period; or
  • laid-off/released employees, employees who took pay-in-lieu of notice and former unclassified employees who are entitled under an applicable collective agreement, memorandum of understanding or policy/guideline. Employees who apply to restricted jobs, in accordance with section (c), other than classified staff, must include written confirmation from their supervisor or H.R. branch of eligibility to apply.

For all competitions, both open and restricted, please follow the application instructions provided with the job advertisement, including identification of the competition number.

Thank you for your interest in the Ontario Provincial Police.