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Crime Files

OPP Most Wanted

File Number Name Category
08-03 Savang SYCHANTHA Most wanted
99-07 Kai Kong SETO Most wanted

ROPE Wanted

The Provincial ROPE Squad is seeking the assistance of the public in locating the following offenders who are unlawfully at large from provincial or federal correctional authorities. Anyone with information concerning the whereabouts of the following offenders are encouraged to contact the Provincial ROPE Squad at 1-866-870-ROPE or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or call 9-1-1. Some of these individuals may have convictions of violent offences and should not be approached.

File Number Name Category
12-01 Michael DOHERTY ROPE Wanted
11-05 Edward Alphonso SHEPHARD ROPE Wanted
11-04 Santo James LEO ROPE Wanted

Missing Persons

Perhaps you can provide information that will assist in solving these investigations.

The Missing Persons and Unidentified Bodies/Remains Unit has established their website to support investigations by providing public exposure in the hope that members of the general public can provide information as to the whereabouts or identity of these persons.

File Number Name Category
Troy EDGELLMissing Person
10-02 Maisy ODJICK - Shannon ALEXANDER Missing Person
09-13 Lisa Leona MAAS Missing Person
07-11 Christina CALAYCA Missing Person
07-01 Melanie EITHER Missing Person
06-17 Shawn Steven Lee JONES and Leslie Dwayne JONES Missing Person
06-15 Delmar HENDERSON Missing Person
06-12 John James SEMPLE Missing Person
06-11 Joan Dorothy LAWRENCE Missing Person
06-10 Ralph Bernard GRANT Missing Person
06-09 John Leroy CROFTS Missing Person
06-08 Fred TAKERER Missing Person
06-03 Scott JUDGE Missing Person
05-22 Michael James McINTYRE Missing Person
05-18 Mary Frances GREGORY Missing Person
05-17 Jake JUST Missing Person
05-05 Pamela Jayne HOLOPAINEN Missing Person
02-03 Justin Jonathon POLLARI Missing Person
01-03 Mistie MURRAY Missing Person
00-08 James PEARCE Missing Person
00-01 Richard RANGER Missing Person
99-5 Gerald Joseph BOUCHARD Missing Person
97-3 Lois HANNA Missing Person
96-6 Robert William COMMU Missing Person

OPP Rewards

We need your assistance in solving these crimes. 

File Number Name Category
14-03 Nancy QUICKOPP Reward
14-01 Unidentified Victim - Mitchell's Bay OPP Reward
13-04 Van Sanh TIEU OPP Reward
13-03 Sonia VARASCHIN
OPP Reward
13-02 Anthony Samuel MANDAMIN
OPP Reward
13-01 Donna Jean AWCOCK
OPP Reward
12-04 Todd Alan PETRIE OPP Reward
12-02 Chad EVERETS OPP Reward
12-01 Jessica GODIN OPP Reward
11-06 Barbara Elaine CHAPMAN OPP Reward
11-05 Julie Diane FORTIER OPP Reward
11-04 Donald BOTHWELL OPP Reward
11-03 Morris CONTE OPP Reward
11-02 David HANNAH OPP Reward
11-01 Calvin VANNESS OPP Reward
10-07 Unidentified Female OPP Reward
10-06 William GRAY OPP Reward
10-04 Unidentified Victim - Nation River OPP Reward
Doreen HARDY & Jane BERNARD OPP Reward
10-01 Gregory LEMBKE OPP Reward
09-12 Donald MONGEON OPP Reward
09-10 Veronica KAYE
OPP Reward
09-09 Salvador VECCHIO OPP Reward
09-08 Roy THOMPSON OPP Reward
09-07 Lucas SHORTREED OPP Reward
09-06 Michael KENT OPP Reward
09-05 Bernard COOPER OPP Reward
09-04 Anthony ROBERTS OPP Reward
09-03 Eric JONES OPP Reward
09-01 Randy RANKIN OPP Reward
08-09 Thera DIELEMAN OPP Reward
08-07 Rachel RUSSELL OPP Reward
08-06 Unidentified Victim OPP Reward
08-05 Marlene SCHNITZER OPP Reward
08-02 Unidentified Victim OPP Reward
07-13 Karen WOODCOCK OPP Reward
07-08 Christine Ann WOELK OPP Reward
07-07 Leo Arthur BRETT OPP Reward
07-06 Larry Edward STRANGWAY OPP Reward
07-04 Mr. Gregory Dale STOUTENBURG OPP Reward
07-02 Russel Floyd COOK OPP Reward
06-21 Felix BARUFE OPP Reward
06-20 Richard HOVEY OPP Reward
06-16 Kathleen MacVICAR OPP Reward
06-14 Robert Allan Asher OPP Reward
06-13 Evaline (Evaleen) CAMERON OPP Reward
06-07 Cindy HALLIDAY OPP Reward
06-06 Judie THIBAULT OPP Reward
06-04 Catherine 'Kathy' POTTER and Lee KIRK OPP Reward
06-02 Brad CROMWELL OPP Reward
06-01 Suspect Vehicle in a Triple Fatal OPP Reward
05-21 David Ernest Rowbotham OPP Reward
05-20 Unidentified Victim OPP Reward
05-19 Eva Marie Danielle JEAN-LOUIS OPP Reward
05-14  Randall SERVANT OPP Reward
05-10 Serge LEFEBVRE OPP Reward
05-09 Debbie SILVERMAN OPP Reward
05-08 Shirley PAYETTE OPP Reward
05-07 Therese LABBE OPP Reward
05-06 Susan ASSIN OPP Reward
04-11 Karen CAUGHLIN OPP Reward
04-05 William (Bill) Gordon McMILLAN OPP Reward
03-09 Sonya Nadine CYWINK OPP Reward
01-06 Gordon Carl SMITH OPP Reward
01-05 Leah Salina SOUSA OPP Reward
00-12 Wendy HAVERON & Roger SMITH OPP Reward
00-06 Mary Louise AMLIN OPP Reward
00-05 Jacqueline McALLISTER and Brian Donald MAJOR OPP Reward