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Investigation and Support

The Investigation and Support Bureau is responsible for the delivery of a variety of highly technical operational policing functions in support of a multitude of criminal investigations that can be defined as major, serious, serial, multi-jurisdictional, etc. This support is provided to both the OPP and other police agencies. This Bureau provides an effective and strategic support service to our partners and the communities we serve. This is accomplished through the following specialized sections:

Behavioural Sciences and Analysis Services

Behavioural Sciences and Analysis Services is mandated with providing criminal investigation support services and training of a behavioural nature to OPP. and other criminal justice agencies within the Province of Ontario when requested. It is composed of the Provincial ViCLAS (Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System) Centre, Provincial DNA Coordinator, Missing Persons and Unidentified Bodies Unit, Evidence Management Unit, Criminal Profiling Unit, Threat Assessment Unit, Forensic Psychiatry Unit, Research Unit, Polygraph Unit, the Ontario Sex Offender Registry, and the Child Sexual Exploitation Section.

Electronic Crime (e-Crime)

The Electronic Crime Section (e-Crime) provides specialized investigative services to OPP Regions, Detachments, Bureaux, Ontario municipal police services and government ministries facing investigations in which electronic equipment, and/or the Internet are identified as key elements of the investigation. With the electronic market producing more powerful and affordable technology, the propensity to use such equipment as a tool in crime has grown significantly. In addition, high-speed access to, and exponential growth of the World Wide Web has created a new forum for crime, one that has no geographical boundaries. This growth has had a significant impact on the number, and the diversity of requests for assistance received by the Electronic Crime Section.

Forensic Identification & Photographic Services

The OPP Forensic Identification and Photographic Services Section provides investigative support to our front line officers and other police agencies through our 13 deployed field locations and General Headquarters (GHQ) support units. Those services include the examination of scenes, bodies and items for the purposes of detection, collection, and identification of potential evidence. This encompasses but is not limited to; DNA, fingerprint, footwear, and tire impressions, bloodstain patterns, tool marks, physical matches, and trace evidence. Our GHQ support units include a fully equipped photo lab for digital processing and image storage, Forensic Video Analysis unit, and an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) unit to quickly search and identify crime scene impressions through comparison with the national database.

Technical Support

Technical Support Section provides expertise in the legal and technical aspects of electronic surveillance through the coordination of special projects. This expertise is available to the OPP, other Police Agencies in Ontario, across Canada and around the world. The Technical Support Section is made up of three units including the Physical Surveillance Unit, Technical Operations Unit and Technical Investigation Coordination Unit.

The Physical Surveillance Unit is comprised of full-time surveillance officers who provide investigative support by gathering intelligence, establishing patterns of behavior, and identifying associates.

The Technical Operations Unit provides support to investigations by providing technical expertise in electronic surveillance. This includes installing and maintaining communication monitoring equipment and other electronic surveillance equipment.

The Coordination Unit offers expertise to criminal investigators concerning electronic surveillance techniques.  They maintain knowledge of current legislation and case law concerning the surreptitious interception of private communications and the covert use of electronic surveillance technology.