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Corporate Services

Mary SilverthornCorporate Services Command, with its 377 employees, is the indispensable infrastructure sustaining the frontline and investigative units of the OPP with its various support systems. This Command ensures the provision of a range of services in the areas of Business Management, Fleet Supply and Weapons, Career Development, and Operational Policy.

The organization receives fiscal services through the Business Management professionals who guide personnel through the maze of complex procurements, business planning, the regular reconciliation of our budget, controllership, facilities management and police contract negotiations.

The visual identity of any police organization is its range of equipment and the distinguishing uniforms worn by its members. The OPP is extremely proud of its back-to-the-future black and white cruisers, the latest stealth cruisers, and state-of-the-art mobile command units equipped for deployed operations. Fleet Supply and Weapons Services are fully engaged in ensuring that everyone has the equipment needed to do the job.

Any modern organization relies heavily on research and development.  In the OPP sound police research is the basis for decision-making and the formulation of police orders that set the bar for desired conduct. The OPP engages in a quality assurance process which includes a system of inspection and review of police practices that determines the adequacy and effectiveness of our services.

The Career Development Bureau is a hub of services that support the organization from recruitment to retirement.  It is comprised of the Human Resources (HR) Section and the Provincial Police Academy.  The Academy takes officers and civilians through a continuum of training ensuring initial and continuous development.  Managers can rely on the HR Section to ensure timely support and expert HR advice in our quest to sustain a modern organization that values and supports its employees. 

The Corporate Services Command is pivotal to the support of the rest of the organization as members attend to their specialized functions secure in the knowledge that this Command is looking after those unseen yet demanding support services on which everyone relies.

When members receive excellent front-line and investigative support from the OPP, remember who is toiling away behind the scenes.

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