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Analysis and Information

The Analysis and Information Section is the processing centre of the Bureau. It is comprised of the Tactical Analysis Unit, Strategic Analysis Unit, the Files Room/Reader Unit and the CISO liaison position. In general, it is responsible for the tactical, operational and strategic analysis of incoming information/intelligence and its transformation into a processed, actionable commodity – useable intelligence. Secondly, it is responsible for the provision of criminal investigative analysis to a variety of clients engaged in the investigation of major crimes.

Section members are responsible for assessing incoming intelligence in relation to several mandated priorities as well as monitoring public security issues for burgeoning or emerging issues of relevance to public security. The intelligence is then subjected to analysis and interpretation and subsequently synthesized into suitable intelligence products for the use of the Bureau and the OPP at large. A variety of analytical methodologies and software applications are utilized to juxtapose large and diverse amounts of data to discern a meaning, patterns, relevance, etc. These conclusions are then utilized to assist in the tasking and prioritization of Bureau initiatives.