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Information Technology

Information Technologies facilitates and provides secure desktop computing technology and communication capabilities, network connectivity, data management, and support.   I.T. maintains expertise necessary to identify cost-effective technology requirements that meet business needs in accordance with organizational priorities, and to implement and support that technology.

The Bureau is comprised of four Sections and Projects: OPP Government Mobile Communications Project; Government of Ontario’s Integrated Justice Project; Information Management & Technology Section; and Telecommunications Section.

IT resource personnel require expert knowledge of microcomputer software and hardware: Microsoft Windows, Windows NT and Microsoft Office products; other commonly used business software; and LAN/WAN hardware systems. In addition, staff must be knowledgeable of database architecture, project management principles, methodology, design, management and maintenance. Knowledge of policing issues, methods and techniques are desirable, specifically OPP, Ministry and Ontario Public service information technology policies and procedures.

How do I apply for a position in Information Technology?

Full-time vacant positions are filled through job postings/advertisements, as described under the ‘Civilian Employment’ section of this site.   I.T.. does not solicit for resumes but will keep them on file in the event a contract position (short-term duration) may arise from project work and additional resources are required. You may send your resumé to:

The Bureau Commander,
Information Technology Bureau,
Ontario Provincial Police,
777 Memorial Avenue,
Orillia ON L3V 7V3.