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Highway Safety Division

The OPP is furthering its position as a leader in road safety to ensure safe communities and a secure Ontario. An extensive revamping of the traffic functions is being conducted this year to ensure that the OPP is appropriately positioned to pursue its commitment to meeting the goals of Canada's Road Safety Vision 2010.

What will this mean to Ontarians and those passing through the Province? It will mean an increased visibility of highway patrol officers, a consistent focus on traffic initiatives across the province, raised awareness of road safety issues, and targeted enforcement to high collision areas.

Traffic management strategies implemented over the next two years will certainly position the OPP to respond to the Road Safety Vision through anticipated decreases in motor vehicle collisions fatalities and injuries, decreased injuries through seat belt compliance, and decreased incidents of alcohol and drug related collisions on Ontario highways.

"Saving Lives On Ontario's Highways, Trails And Waterways Through Professionalism, Leadership And Visibility"

Highway Safety Division Headquarters
100 Bloomington Road West
Aurora, Ontario L4G 6J8

905-841-7888 (fax)