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Special Constable Program

What are Special Constables?

Special Constables constitute a unique category in law enforcement. Unlike police officers, whose duties have been established by legislation, Special Constable do not have specific statutory duties. Under Section 53(2) of the Police Services Act, the Commissioner is authorized to appoint Special Constables to act for the period, area and purpose that the Commissioner considers expedient, subject to the approval of the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services. As a result, individuals are provided limited peace officer and/or police officer powers as defined in the appointment.

Who holds Special Constables status?

A Special Constable candidate must first obtain employment with an agency that requires the special constable appointment. That agency will then request the individual appointment. Special Constables may be employees or volunteers of the OPP, or an external agency. The appointment is utilized by a variety of positions to provide the necessary authorities to perform their duties. The appointments are agency driven and cannot be requested by an individual not associated with an approved agency. There is no Special Constable Application.

How do I become a Special Constable?

Because a Special Constable appointment does not constitute an actual position, but rather a designation, a candidate would first be employed in a position that requires the Special Constable status. After the candidate has been selected for a position that requires a Special Constable designation, the employer/agency would then request the appointment from the Ministry and the Commissioner.

Information regarding all civilian government jobs requiring a Special Constable designation that are open to the public are listed on the Internet site: www.gojobs.gov.on.ca. Positions that are open to the public may also be advertised in local newspapers. You may also check external agency websites for information regarding positions within their organizations.

Within the OPP, special constable status is awarded to employees in positions such as security officers, offender transport officers, court security officers, civilian court officers, forensic identification technicians and security drivers.

Externally appointments are provided to Ministry investigators, Legislative Assembly security officers, GO Transit Safety Officers, Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs snowmobile trail officers and Ontario Police College instructors.

Conditions of Appointment

The specialty and focused roles of those appointed as special constable involve law enforcement, security and investigation services closely related to the duties of police officers. So that the public trust and professionalism related to the appointment by the Commissioner is maintained, everyone who is appointed as a special constable is subject to accountability outlined in the Conditions of Appointment.

For more information or assistance about the O.P.P. Special Constable Program,
please contact 705-329-6816 or mail a request to:

Special Constable Program
O.P.P. Career Development Bureau
777 Memorial Avenue,
Orillia, ON L3V 7V3