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Lock It or Lose It

Auto Theft Prevention Program

Innovative, organized and community minded, an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Auto Theft Crime Prevention Program engaging Ontario’s private, corporate and media communities has been successfully encouraging drivers to Lock it or Lose it!

Lock It Or Lose It

Theft from, and theft of vehicles, is an ongoing crime which directly impacts victims and places a strain on valuable police resources. This type of crime is not new, but it is very often preventable through community engagement.

“Lock It or Lose It” is an award winning crime prevention initiative developed with the support of Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), aimed at encouraging drivers to take simple precautions to help prevent crime and victimization.

Lock it or Lose it has been around in different forms for many years. In September 2007, the program was professionally enhanced and re-packaged and launched by the OPP across Ontario.

Through its communication strategy, the program incorporates effective prevention through public awareness and education, in support of enforcement activities provided by the Provincial Auto Theft Team (PATT).

The Lock it or Lose it program consists of the following components:
  • Lock it or Lose it Vehicle Security Audit initiatives in partnership with OPP Auxiliary & Community Policing Committee volunteers;
  • Lock it or Lose it Community Auto Theft Prevention Seminar Kit in partnership with IBC, PATT and OPP Community Services Officers; and
  • Lock it or Lose it Business Community Engagement initiative in partnership with IBC, Macs Convenience Stores Inc & Pin Point Media Group
In addition to its public awareness, education and community mobilization benefits, the OPP Lock it or Lose program continues to contribute to a significant decrease in reported auto related thefts.

It was recently adopted and launched by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) and police services across Ontario in partnership with IBC, Macs Convenience Stores Inc. and Pin Point Media Group.

Lock It Or Lose It Event

Lock it or Lose it has proven to us that strategic partnerships working diligently towards a community - based shared responsibility can indeed prevent crime. And by working together, we’ll continue to make a difference in the prevention of crime and supporting our vision of safe communities - a secure Ontario.

Safeguard your property……Lock it or Lose it!

Additional resources:

Lock It or Lose It Fact Sheet (pdf)
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To visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada's website and learn more about the impact of Auto theft click here.