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Aircraft Enforcement

C-GOXYC-GOXY is the latest addition to OPP Aviation Services and is a state-of-the-art fixed wing single engine aircraft. The Cessna 206 turbo has a range of over 1000 kilometres and incorporates sophisticated technology with durability and dependability and is capable of flying under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). The five passenger aircraft has an overall length of 8.61 metres and a wingspan of 10.97 metres. The 310 horsepower engine generates enough power to ensure a maximum speed of 178 knots at an altitude of up to 27 000 feet.

The arrival of the new aircraft has been very much anticipated since August 15, 2007 when Premier McGuinty and OPP Commissioner Fantino made the announcement at a formal ceremony in Markam, Ontario.

The Cessna 206 has an impeccable safety record and is equipped with the latest in aviation technology to ensure the multi-usage mandate required by the OPP is met. The aircraft will be equipped with a dual sensor camera (infrared and day-time video) and will also have digital downlink capabilities.

The primary function of the new Cessna will be traffic enforcement commencing on Hwy 400 between Barrie and Toronto.  Plans are underway to utilize the new aircraft in each Region and an AEP plan is being prepared by Traffic Managers. Hot spots have been identified in each Region with regard to fatal and serious injury collisions under the Results Driven Policing model. This information will be utilized to focus the aircraft and associated resources to those problem areas.

Aircraft observers use the Robic stopwatch Model SC-808 to monitor and determine vehicle speeds.  As the target vehicle crosses the painted 'hash mark' on the highway, the watch is activated. When the vehicle crosses the next roadway marking 500 metres away, the stopwatch is deactivated and the vehicle speed is automatically calculated and displayed. The use of this technology ensures accuracy and efficiency in speed enforcement from the air.  In addition to passenger vehicle speeders, aircraft observers will also target violations by commercial motor vehicles and motorcycles. As the AEP develops, other problem areas such as intersections and school bus violations will also be monitored.

The Aircraft Enforcement Program is an excellent example of coupling state-of-the-art technology with the principles of the Provincial Traffic Safety Program for the purpose of saving lives.  The Cessna 206 is a welcome addition to the traffic safety efforts by the OPP in the Province of Ontario.
C-Goxy in the air