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Provincial Traffic Safety Program

The Program incorporates high visibility, measurable outcomes, professional traffic stops and public education. Resources are directed towards identified hot spots for the purpose of reducing or eliminating collisions in a specific geographical area. These provincial initiatives are adaptable at all levels and support local, provincial and national traffic safety strategies. Each component of the program should be viewed as an overall approach to traffic safety measures. Singularly, the application of one of the components may be negligible, but if applied collectively, OPP members will be engaged, serious injuries will be significantly reduced, and the senseless loss of lives will be mitigated.

Initiatives under the Provincial Traffic Safety Program address high-risk behaviours involving occupant restraint, impaired driving and aggressive driving. The majority of our fatalities involve these three factors. This approach ensures a unified methodology focused on reducing injuries and saving lives, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. All aspects of the Program will support the following six provincial and national traffic safety strategies:

  • Spring Seat Belt Campaign
  • Canada Road Safety Week
  • Operation Corridor
  • Operation Impact
  • Fall Seat Belt Campaign
  • Festive R.I.D.E. Program 

Components of the Provincial Traffic Safety Program

The following components collectively make up the overall framework of the Provincial Traffic Safety Program. Each component represents a return to basic, well-proven measures that, when applied on a consistent, province-wide basis will dramatically impact serious injury collisions and fatalities.

Traffic Safety - For the purposes of this document, the term "Traffic Safety" refers to all facets of traffic and includes all highways, trails and waterways in OPP jurisdiction. In addition, pedestrian traffic, urban/rural issues, commuter traffic and cyclists all come under the umbrella of this program. Initiatives to reduce injuries and save lives on our highways, trails and waterways are developed and delivered through the Provincial Traffic Safety Program.

High Visibility - Violators who engage in high risk driving behaviours threaten the safety of all motorists and must be detected and dealt with by an active OPP presence. The more visible police officers are as they conduct their everyday duties, the more they create a presence that will lead to the deterrence of both traffic and criminal violations.