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SafeGuard Ontario Property Security Program


Break and enters continue to remain an all-too common occurrence in Canada, with more than 200,000 reported to police annually of which 6 in 10 are residential. Another 30% are businesses and 10% are other locations such as sheds and detached garages. Research indicates the decision to commit a crime is tied to the perceived risk of being caught and that a high frequency of revictimization occurs during the 12 months following an initial break-in.

In partnership with community volunteer members of its Auxiliary Policing program, SafeGuard Ontario is a community based crime prevention program developed in direct support of our detachment front line members to help citizens "lock criminals out of house and home."

Utilizing a problem oriented policing approach, SafeGuard Ontario public awareness and education initiatives are also supported through its Property Security Reviews of homes and small businesses by OPP Auxiliary members specially trained through the program. SafeGuard Ontario training provides an orientation to the basic principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) with a primary focus on target hardening techniques to help reduce or prevent re-victimization of property crimes.

OPP Auxiliary: Volunteers for a Better Community
The OPP Auxiliary Program is comprised of over 850 community members who volunteer their time in direct support of OPP front line members providing community based crime prevention initiatives to our communities. The OPP Auxiliary commemorated their 50th Year of community service with the OPP in 2010.

Target Hardening Your Home and Business:
The key to SafeGuarding your home or small business against opportunistic criminals is known as the "target hardening process."

Predictable is Preventable - SafeGuard your Property!
SafeGuarding your home







Click here to view a video on how to better safeguard your home

SafeGuarding your business


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Property Security Review:
In addition to reducing the frequency and fear of crime inside and around buildings, a SafeGuard Ontario Property Security Review provides a home or small business owner with basic suggestions on how they may target harden their property, and hopefully prevent re-victimization. A SafeGuard Ontario Property Security Review includes a review of many features including a building's windows, locks and pins; door hinges, frames and locks; exterior lighting; garage security and the address number displayed.

Operation Identification Program:
Making your mark! SafeGuard Window Sticker
Operation Identification is a property marking program designed to help discourage the theft of valuables by facilitating the identification of stolen property. The idea is to engrave your valuables with an identifying number in a highly visible spot. OPP recommends using your Driver's Licence or vehicle licence plate number as your personal Operation Identification number to visibly mark all your valuables.
A special electric property engraver is available for loan "free of charge" following each SafeGuard Ontario Property Security Review.

Information Package:SafeGuard-Auxiliary
Upon completion of a SafeGuard Ontario Property Security Review, a copy of the review as well as an information package is provided for additional tips on how to protect their property. To learn more, please refer to the Ontario Home Security Audit Guide.

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