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OPP Service Commitments

Our Program Services:

We will publish an Annual Report that demonstrates our ability to deliver on our four priorities - Public Safety, Relationships, Workforce and Effectiveness - in an increasingly complex and challenging policing environment.

Our Common Service Standards:

We will measure and report back on our commitment to meet OPS Common Service Standards.   We will endeavor to:

  • Answer phone calls before the fourth ring, and forward our phones when we are unavailable.
  • Not redirect you call more than once.
  • Return your call within one business day.
  • Respond to your mail, fax or email with 15 business days of receiving it.

 Telephone Service Standards

2011 Audit Results

1. Calls will be answered by the third ring during core business hours (8:30am-5:00pm)


2. Calls will not be redirected more than once


3. Callers will have the option of speaking to a staff member


4. Calls will be returned by the next business day


5. The ministry will have standard telephone answering protocols for:


- live response greetings


- voice mail greetings