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OPP Junior Constable Program

OPP Junior Constable
 logoYouth organizations and law enforcement agencies across North America have invested significant time and resources into exploring and utilizing the Developmental Assets framework developed by the Search Institute™.

It has been determined that the more assets a youth possesses, the more successful he/she will be in school, the healthier they will be, and the greater the likelihood that they will contribute to their community. Alternatively, they will be less likely to be involved in risky behaviours such as alcohol, drugs, violence, and criminal activities.

One proactive initiative that is proving to be very effective in building up these Developmental Assets is a Positive Ticketing Program.

Another proactive initiative designed to help engage its youth is the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
Junior Constable Program.

The OPP Junior Constable Program is utilized to initiate relationships between youth and their communities, with a primary focus on children grades K to 6.

In conjunction with other youth education program presentations (eg. DARE) or separately, a child may be formally recognized or “deputized” an OPP Junior Constable upon oral completion of the
OPP Junior Constable
 kidsJunior Constable Promise. An OPP Junior Constable is recognized with a signed certificate and a small OPP Junior Constable badge of honour to proudly wear.

 An OPP Junior Constable promises: 

  • To always treat everyone like I would like to be treated;
  • To always tell the truth;
  • To never be a bully;
  • To just say NO to drugs;
  • To never talk to or go with strangers;
  • To always look both ways before crossing the road;
  • To always wear a helmet when riding a bike;
  • To always wear a seatbelt when in a car;
  • To always wear a life-jacket when in a boat;
  • To be safe at all times;
  • If I am lost in the woods, I will stay put and hug a tree.


Children may also be informally deputized by an OPP Officer at community events at an officer’s discretion.

It is believed that through our positive reinforcement of a child’s personal values, influences and peers that their pride and self respect may also become personal assets to help guide them through life and its many choices.


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