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negotiatorThe negotiator's "weapon" is communication and their ammunition-words.

The negotiators work as part of an integrated response of Incident Commanders, Tactical units and criminal investigators.

This specially-trained team is deployed throughout the province. It is comprised of general patrol officers who have volunteered to become part of the O.P.P.'s Emergency Response Program.

When called upon to assist in resolving crisis situations such as barricaded persons, hostage taking or high risk incidents, the negotiators respond in teams of up to four officers. Each team member has a very specific job to perform while at the scene of an incident.

The primary objectives of the Crisis Negotiators are to: protect the lives of the hostages, protect the lives of any bystanders, protect the lives of the police officers and to protect the life of the perpetrator.  Using active listening and honed communication skills, matched with proven negotiation strategies and techniques, the Crisis Negotiators build rapport with the subject and attempt to influence a change in their behaviour.  A peaceful resolution is the ultimate goal.

Called the "silent submarine," an analogy to the tactical use of submarines during World War II, negotiators come quietly into turmoil to do their job, and silently leave.