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Aboriginal Policing

OPP's relationship with Aboriginal communities is a core business of the organization. The OPP through developed and ongoing relationships will continue providing policing assistance to Aboriginal communities and supporting First Nations Police Services. 

 Principles of Quality Service

  • Build Relationships based on Trust
  • Help Communities
  • Develop their own Vision
  • Support our Partners to lead sustainable Community-based Programs.

The Aboriginal Policing Bureau provides service to Aboriginal communities and their policing partners through the following core functions:

  • Administer Policing for 19 communities, who have not yet exercised a self-directed policing option pursuant to the Ontario First Nations Policing Agreement,
  • Strategic Design and Delivery of Operational Training for First Nations Police Services,
  • Lead Cultural, Historical and Legal Issues Training for Policing and Community Partners, and
  • Support our Partners to Lead Sustainable Growth of their Police Services and their Communities.

Our team has strategically enhanced our ongoing mission of assisting First Nations to make informed choices about their policing needs.

We work hard to maintain our leadership position in the strategic design and delivery of training for officers and partners that meet their unique needs. We deliver support and training offered at mainstream policing academies.

Our focus on sustainable community development is delivered through training initiatives that target suicide prevention, youth empowerment and community wellness.

The OPP is pursuing Native Awareness Training for its members in a variety of formats and depths to overcome obstacles in relationships and to lay the groundwork for effective policing service to Aboriginal people and communities. The goal is to introduce First Nations issues in sufficient detail in the proper setting to allow police service providers from varied backgrounds to have the knowledge and understanding to be comfortable, confident and effective in Aboriginal environments. This focus on education communicates to OPP employees and to communities the priority that this organization places on meeting the unique needs of Aboriginal partners.

The Provincial Liaison Team (PLT) Program is an integral part of police planning and response in relation to major events and incidents, including First Nations issues, dignitary visits and other high profile situations where there is a potential for conflict.  The PLT Program focuses on proactive relationship building as a means to assist in resolving issues.  PLT members are active in all OPP Regions, working to establish and maintain open lines of communication with all constituents who may be affected, directly or indirectly, by major events.

Annual Report on the Framework Approach 2007 - 2012

  apb coordinator mapPLT coordinators: 

West Region:  519-257-8442

East Region:  613-612-8346

Central Region:  705-875-1273

Northwest Region:  807-938-8425

Northeast Region: 705-840-3687