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Application Process

The OPP is actively hiring qualified candidates for the Provincial Constable class.

The OPP is looking for people with integrity, who are accountable, courageous, caring and fair; people from diverse backgrounds who represent the communities we serve; people who enjoy working with others and want to build strong relationships characterized by mutual respect in all types of settings and circumstances. We want people who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

The information contained within the recruitment pages relate specifically to the OPP constable hiring process as well as valuable links to assist you. It is recommended that you review all the information in detail to gain insights into the OPP recruitment process, the Constable Selection System and your own readiness to challenge this recruitment process.

The steps in our Hiring Process are outlined below:

  1. Obtain Certificate of Results
    • Register for Certificate of Results
    • Pre-interview Assessment Testing
      • Police Analytical Thinking Inventory (P.A.T.I.)
      • Written Communication Test (W.C.T.)
      • Physical Readiness Evaluation For Police (P.R.E.P.)
      • Vision/Hearing
      • Behavioural Personnel Assessment Device for Police (B.P.A.D.)
    • Certificate of Results(C.O.R.) Achieved
  2. Application Package
  3. Pre-screening
  4. Pre-background Questionnaire & Local Focused Interview
  5. Background Investigation
  6. Medical Assessment
  7. Psychological Assessment
  8. Final Review
  9. Eligible for Hire

There are many hundreds of candidates applying to the Ontario Provincial Police and only a limited number of positions to be filled. You are, therefore, competing with others for employment. The caliber of our recruits is high and you must recognize the level of competitiveness.

Should you not receive favourable consideration at any stage during the recruitment process, it is expected that you will assess yourself and endeavour to determine your own reasons for non-acceptance. Specifically, take the time to evaluate the session at which you were unsuccessful. Consider points of discussion or consideration of each stage and imagine how you might compare with other applicants seeking the position of constable. Think about the prerequisites and how you can better fulfill them. You may in the process of this assessment, recognize your positive attributes and your weaknesses. This exercise can be self-rewarding and can help you to answer the questions: "What can I do to make myself more competitive?" or "What can I do to improve myself?"