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Benefits and Pay

The OPP prides itself on how it treats its employees.  Not only does it provide excellent wages they offer superior benefits.

Table 1: OPP Salary Grid


Service Time

Salary (per year)

Recruit Constable(5th Class)

From the first day of training

$ 49,751.00

Probationary Constable (4th Class) After graduation from training $ 63,434.00
Constable (3rd Class)   $ 72,501.00

Constable (2nd Class)


$ 80,658.00

Constable (1st Class)

After 36 months

$ 90,621.00


Table 2: OPP Northern Duration Posting Incentives

The incentive is paid out in equal amounts annually over the term of the duration posting.

Duration postings are indicated in the fourth and sixth columns of the following document here



2 year duration

$ 30,000.00

3 year duration

$ 25,000.00

4 year duration

$ 15,000.00

5 year duration

$ 10,000.00

6 year duration

$ 8,000.00


Summary of Benefits

  • New recruits who are posted to a detachment that is identified as a duration location will receive a one-time payment of $2000.00 (to offset travel expense).
  • The OPP is the only Police Service in Ontario to offer 50/30 Pension
  • Life insurance based on Salary - Not Age
  • Paid sick Leave - 6 days @ full pay and additional 124 days at 75% pay
  • Paid Vacation Leave
  • Drug Card for Prescription Drugs
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing Coverage
  • Coverage for Dependant Children under 21 or 26 as full time student
  • Most Benefits are retained on retirement and/or Beyond the age of 65