About the Museum

About The OPP Museum

The OPP Museum is accountable for its collections to pass them on to future generations. It advances knowledge by making the collections and information about them accessible to its members, and the general public.

The museum's basic responsibilities of stewardship and public service are expressed by preserving, documenting and interpreting artifacts and archival materials that help to build an understanding of the history of policing in Ontario since the formation of Upper Canada in 1791, specializing in the material culture of the Ontario Provincial Police from 1909.

The museum is funded by the Ontario government and administered by the Ontario Provincial Police.

The museum works in conjunction with Friends of The OPP Museum, a non-profit charitable organization that supports and promotes The OPP Museum. Together, we preserve, communicate and celebrate the material and cultural heritage of the Ontario Provincial Police, an organization that has both borne witness and contributed to the development of the province of Ontario for more than one hundred years.

Object Donations

If you have a potential item, new or old, to donate to the museum, please contact us to make an appointment to meet with museum staff.

Museum Staff

Chris Johnstone, Curator
Karin Taylor, Collections Specialist

Contact the Museum

Telephone: (705) 329-6889
Fax: (705) 329-6618
Mailing Address: OPP Museum
777 Memorial Avenue
Orilllia, Ontario
L3V 7V3