Research & Collections


Consulting the OPP’s official history (Dahn Higley, O.P.P.: The history of the Ontario Provincial Police Force. Toronto: Queen’s Printer, 1984) is the first step any researcher should take. 

Please click here for a brief research guide for OPP history.

Inquiries related to the material history of the OPP (artifacts and photographs held in the museum’s collections in Orillia) must be made in writing and can be sent to or The OPP Museum, 777 Memorial Ave, Orillia, ON, L3V 7V3.  Your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate museum staff representative, who will respond as soon as possible.  

Note:  The OPP Museum does not have the capacity to provide general research services.

The Collections

The OPP Museum preserves and celebrates the heritage of the Ontario Provincial Police.

The OPP Museum is the repository of public collections representative of policing in Ontario since 1791, specializing in the material culture of the Ontario Provincial Police from 1909, under the trusteeship of the Commissioner, Ontario Provincial Police. 

The permanent collection (comprised of the display & study collections plus related archival holdings) and the temporary collection (comprised of the program collection) are held and managed in the public trust.  The museum is funded by the Ontario government and administered by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).  The OPP is accountable for these collections to pass them on to future generations.  The museum creates and advances knowledge by making the collections and information about them available to all communities served by the institution.

Photo Gallery

Early radar machine, with a warning sign, first used in the 1950s Microphone, used by dispatchers from 1956 - 1991 Crown Graphic camera, used by Identification officers in the 1950s Leather holster for a Colt revolver Mess kit, cape and peak cap worn by Commissioner Eric H. Silk, Q.C. Burlap and canvas bite sleeve used to train dogs for work with the Canine Unit, which was first created in 1965. Sheepskin lined black leather coat worn by Stanley G. Batt #570. Ontario Police Competition shooting medals won by Provincial Constable D.H. Darby from 1932 to 1941 A.L.E.R.T. roadside breath testing machine, 1980s. Provincial Constable Russell Lemon's motorcycle goggles, damaged in the crash that ended his life in 1934 Night vision scope used by the Tactics and Rescue Unit (TRU), 1990s. Identi-Kit used to create composite images of suspects, 1980s This black leather jacket and motorcycle helmet were worn during undercover operations by Provincial Constable Ross Nichols from 1985 – 1990. Portable crisis negotiator's kit, c1980. Ballistic vest worn by Provincial Constable Gary Penley in the late 1970s and early 1980s Peak cap worn by William Holebrook Stringer, O.B.E. in his role as Commissioner from 1939-1953. While it is no longer known what this Harry P. Cavers silver cup was the First Team prize for, Cavers himself was known for his service and fairness as a judge and later, as a Member of Parliament for Lincoln after he was elected in 1949, serving until 1957.