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The OPP Auxiliary

Follow the choices made by school Principal Terry Harkins as he joins the Ontario Provincial Police Auxiliary program in 1968. Harkins went on to be an Auxiliary Chief Superintendent and was appointed the Executive Director, Provincial Commander of the OPP Auxiliary in 1991 when the Auxiliary became self-directed.

Golden Helmets Motorcycle Ride

Silent film footage of the OPP's Golden Helmet's precision motorcycle riding team during a circa 1960s performance on a dirt track at a community fair.

Canadian Who's Who in Conversation: Brian Dalrymple, Forensic Consultant

Retired OPP member Brian Dalrymple chats with Canadian Who's Who to discuss the Zapruder film as a forensic tool, using lasers to detect fingerprints, and being in the same book as Wayne Gretzky.

Source: Canadian Who's Who in Conversation

Say no to a Stranger -
The Most Important Rule

OPP Community Services Officer Corporal Peter Campbell speaks to a classroom of 1970s students to share "the most important rule - say no to a stranger".

Aircraft Patrol

CFPL TV news reporter George Clark presents information about the OPP's newly launched fixed wing Aircraft Patrol program for his TV program Mid Week Magazine. Footage includes OPP officers demonstrating how the new program works to catch speeders. Provincial Constable Tom McKenna is interviewed. Circa 1966.

Are You Warm to the Touch?

A vintage 1970s scenario based film that provides driving tips to motorists. Follow along with the driver who narrates his journey highlighting the hazards and preventive steps he takes to be a better driver. Topics include vehicle inspection and maintenance, speeding, avoiding distractions, concentration and being aware of your surroundings. It also features OPP officers patrolling the highway.

To Help My People

A film with various interviews that highlight and document the work completed in the first three years after the establishment of the Indian Policing Program and describes the role of the OPP in this initiative. The film includes numerous personal interviews, footage of training at the OPP Training and Development Centre and a graduation ceremony that includes First Nations Special Constables.

Zenith 50,000

Walk down memory lane with this 1975 Crime Prevention film hosted by Ontario Premier Bill Davis. Created as a public safety film, it features a variety of scenarios where citizens should look out for their neighbourhood and call police to report suspicious behaviour by calling the OPP's convenient and easy to remember "Zenith 50,000" phone number.

Boating Safety and Security

A scenario based community safety film that highlights water safety for motor boating and canoeing and sailing modelling both what to do, and what not to do for safe operating.

The O.P.P.

Vintage OPP recruiting film that includes footage of the first class to include women as provincial constables in 1974. Provides highlights of a wide variety of OPP duties and includes footage from all across the province. It is hosted by Ken Cavanagh.

Ontario's Own

Vintage OPP recruiting film that features multiple aspects of OPP work. Includes a number of personal interviews and profiles the OPP Marine Unit, TRU team, Canine Unit and general patrol duties. Includes the motto "Times Change and we Change With Them." Harold Graham is Commissioner dating the film to circa 1981, his last year in office.

Sam on the Buses

Animated spokesman Sam the Safety Duck shares safety tips as he rides the school bus with a group of students. Films like these were used in classrooms all across Ontario by OPP Community Services Officers to teach appropriate bus behaviour. It is a mixture of animation and live action.

Sam on Winter Safety

Animated spokesman Sam the Safety Duck, created in the 1970s by artist Harry Burke, shares winter safety messages with his audience as he tours the province in the OPP's helicopter with pilot Sergeant Bob Abra. Film is a mixture of animation and live action.

Sam the Safety Duck learns to drive a bicycle

Follow the adventures of animated spokesman Sam the Safety Duck as he learns to ride a bicycle. Circa 1970s.

Not so Easy

A public safety film narrated by Peter Fonda with special guest Evel Knievel who provide safety tips and guidance for motorcycle riders. Features performance riding by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Why People Have Laws

Follow the animated characters Shiver, Gobble and Snore as they discover the pitfalls and importance of having rules in society.