Car 7-500 - 1989 Chevrolet Caprice

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Car 7-500 - 1989 Chevrolet Caprice Police Model

In 1989, OPP cruisers underwent a significant "makeover" with the introduction of all white cars bearing reflective blue and gold stripes. To mark the transition, General Motors of Canada generously donated Car 7-500 to the OPP.

Built in June of 1989, it was the "last" of the black and whites to come off the line. This Chevrolet Caprice Police Model is equipped with standard "police package" enhancements including an up-graded suspension and heavy duty brakes. It also had the fastest 0-100 mph, the fastest road course time, the highest top speed and the best fuel economy at the Michigan State Police tests for pursuit rated cars. The OPP garage then fitted this car with a radar unit, roof bar lights and loudhailer and a radio system that permitted communication between this car and other cruisers and from this car to any radio-equipped OPP station.

It is interesting to note that Car 7-500 does not have a "cage" to separate the officers in the front seat from the passengers in the back seat. This was standard at the time as only one or two cruisers with the cage modification would have been assigned, and only to a small number of detachments. The Caprice ceased production in 1996; however, it returned to the North American market as a full-size rear wheel drive police vehicle in 2011.

The standard for nearly 20 years, all white cars were eventually phased out with the official return of the traditional "black and whites" in 2007.

Engine Specifications:

  • 5.7 litre 350 cu V8
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • 4 speed automatic transmission
  • Top speed of 200 km/h

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