1977 Harley-Davidson Police Special

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1977 Harley-Davidson Police Special

Conditions on Ontario's early highways were often poor. Many highways were, in fact, gravel roads and officers wore no protective headgear. The fact that eight OPP motorcycle patrol officers were killed in traffic collisions between 1931 and 1940 is testament to the dangerous working conditions.

When marked patrol cars were first purchased in 1941, the OPP Motorcycle Patrol was phased out, but it soon became clear that motorcycles still had a role to play. In 1949, the OPP purchased 11 Harley-Davidson bikes re-establishing a tradition that continues today.

This 1977 Harley-Davidson motorcycle was fully restored by Motorcycle Technician Sterling Wiseman, OPP Fleet Services Section as a tribute to the many motorcycle patrol officers who continue to serve on Ontario's roadways.

Engine Specifications:

  • FLH-P-F Police Special
  • 1200cc 74 cubic-inch 2 cylinder
  • 45-degree V-Twin "Shovelhead"

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