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The John Wilson Murray - 1968 26' Cliffe Craft vessel

The John Wilson Murray is a 26' Cliffe Craft vessel built in Gananoque by Charlie Cliffe. It was one of the last wooden boats purchased by the OPP for its marine fleet (two were christened in 1968 the Murray, at Gananoque and the Joseph Rogers at Parry Sound). Rather than sell the Murray off when its use as a patrol vessel was over, it was retained in order to preserve this chapter in OPP marine history. It was restored by OPP fleet staff for use at special events and celebrations and has been shown at numerous boat shows.

It was named for John Wilson Murray who was the first full-time police official for the Province of Ontario in the direct employ of the government (thus laying the foundation for a provincial police service). The OPP Marine Unit marked its 65th Anniversary in 2014.

The Murray will be marking its 50th Anniversary in 2018 and it has the distinction of being the oldest OPP vehicle to have been continuously retained in OPP Fleet inventory.

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Note: The John Wilson Murray is not currently on display at The OPP Museum.